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Amy Harder

Amy is an accomplished puppeteer, director, and designer who has been involved in various aspects of children's ministry since 1984. As a former One Way Street intern and employee, she has participated in many company projects and tours including "Outer Space", "Notes of Praise" and "Stand Firm." Amy has performed on television, video and the stage, but her favorite venue is live performance with her little pink sidekick, MaryAnn. A notable highlight of 2005 was the production of Amy's original design, the wildly popular Stretch-A-Belly puppet.

As a graphic designer with nearly ten years experience in web design and development, Amy brings her expertise to others through the family business, HarderMedia. From the early days of hard-coding HTML to today's Flash animation, Amy's experience is varied and constantly growing and changing as technology improves.

As a conference speaker, Amy travels to many puppetry festivals and events during the year. In addition to her speaking engagements, Amy is currently attending classes at Children's Ministries University Online while trying to keep up with her husband, Dan, and their two preschoolers.

Keep up with Amy's Life on her sporatically-updated blog.

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