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I have recently become very interested in the creation/evolution debate. Here are some resources that I have found extremely informative and helpful in my quest for truth. The Incredible Creatures video series is wonderful! The format is much like you'd find on the Discovery Channel--beautiful videography, backed with scientific research, and engaging for the whole family.

In addition to these resources, I highly recommend the Answers In Genesis web site for more detailed information, free articles, and even recordings of their radio programs.

742215: Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 1 DVD

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 1 DVD
By New Life Inspirational Entert

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 2, DVD

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 3, DVD

11586: The Lie: Evolution The Lie: Evolution
By Ken Ham / New Leaf Press (master Books)
1161X: The Answers Book The Answers Book
By K. Ham, J. Sarfati & C. Wieland, edited by Don Batten, Ph.D. / New Leaf Press (master Books)
12078: A is for Adam A is for Adam
By Ken & Mally Ham / New Leaf Press (master Books)
12136: Skeletons in Your Closet Skeletons in Your Closet
By Gary Parker / New Leaf Press (master Books)

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